Counter anubisath idol

Counter anubisath idol
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counter anubisath idol

I found the Nexus Whelpling to be the ideal counter against Felfly. For the other pets, Anubisath Idol or Lil'Ragnaros also work wonders.
Counter Finder. Name. Abyssius. Possible Counters: Abilities, Id. Name. 153. Wolpertinger. 188. Frosty. 218. Sen'jin Fetish. 310. Voodoo Figurine. 346.
Anubisath Idol, this Pet is a Counter to almost anything, even UD pets. Big Hits (such as Conflag) np, Reflection. Reflection is such a OP skill.
Okrut Dragonwaste: WoW Pet Battle Guide counter anubisath idol