Aa vs kk flop kk2 flight

Aa vs kk flop kk2 flight
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aa vs kk flop kk2 flight

farha vs. greenstein aa vs. kk preflop - posted in General Poker Forum: As First off I would like to say I have folded KK 2 times preflop and I was shown . It's so people can "never lay down kings pre flop " and still have any.
The odds you are up against AA when you have KK vs 8 players is or running flush from flop or hitting 2 pair on flop with non-pocket pair. "Eat, Sleep, Break The Streak". - Two Plus Two Forum.
Went to the gate to board the flight and it was oversold. I checked my option with 22 in the big blind and 5 players saw a flop of KK2. . Worked my stack up to $700 very quickly cracking AA with a flopped set of 777 and Villain calls and shows AK as expected vs. my flopped two pair, but this time I get.

Aa vs kk flop kk2 flight - digital currency

Unfortunately, the only thing good for me at Aria that night was dinner at Lemongrass - a huge bowl of Tom Ka Gai soup followed by Drunken Seafood Noodle. News, Views, and Gossip. If we stick to our game we will find another opportunity to get our chips in as a huge favorite. You should never fold those kind of hands. It's all about our agression, how scary the board looks, and how scary our double barrel looks against their range. What's most interesting about the one "The American Sniper" scene I keep seeing in the previews where Chris Kyle is faced with turning a small middle eastern child's head into a chunk red mist, is that the viewer is supposed to feel sympathy for the youth whose been misguided by "evil" Muslims or Jihadists to carry out acts of war or terror. Given that information, plus the fact he's wearing that shirt I can tell you for sure he's one of those born again Christian fukks that needed to find God to get off drugs. aa vs kk flop kk2 flight Went back to meetings for the afternoon and then headed to the IP for the Wednesday night mixed game. You keep job Jushtin and make Grandpa happy. The NIT thinks about just shipping all in. You raise before the flop with KK and are re-raised an amount that would commit both you and your opponent to the pot if you call so effectively all-in. I can't believe you folded .
Alexander Lakhov doubles up with KK vs 99 of Erkan Yildirim - EPT Deauville 2014 - Day 3