Apple Advanced Typography

Apple Advanced Typography
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Apple Advanced Typography

San Francisco has beautiful advanced typographic features, but not too many tools for designers to directly play around with those features in.
Apple's text imaging technology, Apple Advanced Typography (AAT), enables applications to provide users with fonts having special typographical effects, such.
Apple Advanced Typography (AAT) is Apple Inc.'s computer software for advanced font rendering, supporting internationalization and complex features for  Operating system ‎: ‎ Classic Mac OS ‎, ‎ macOS. FontForge can read either one, but only generates 'morx'. FontForge does not even try to convert an AAT contextual glyph substitution. Programs that provide their own implementation of OpenType will render Indic properly with OpenType fonts. This allows glyph substitutions to happen in reverse order, and it a. If we specify a number in units, what kind of unit is it?

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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. They are primarily concerned with language support these days, as several folks have noted. John Jenkins posted on the Apple Font Tools section of the FontLab Forums: Apple Advance Typography spec updated Much of it is unnoticed by North American or European folk, though, because it is focused on complex script support. The 'GSUB' version is unconditional. GeorgSeifert , create a AAT documentation is one of my priority in my todo list.

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FontForge does not support the following Apple specific tables. The two rules have substitutions at different places and that can't be expressed. FontForge will produce this table if the user has specified right and. URLForResource "your-document-name", withExtension: "hone". The old Apple ATSUI text engine implemented much "more" of AAT than the current CoreText engine. It appears that a single substitution prior to kerning is required to keep things simple. Apple Advanced Typography