Aladdin wish rules

Aladdin wish rules
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aladdin wish rules

Genie is derived from the arabic, Jinn which is a mystical character of legend that has . per Aladdin's story (including the Disney version) there are rules for wishes: 1) No killing people wishes allowed 2) No falling in love wishes allowed.
Anyone know need it for a trivia thing by 9:00 cst Aladdin 3 You can't wish someone to: Die - Be revived - Fall in love with you. These are the.
Rule two. l can't make anybody fall in love Rule three.l can't bring people Aladdin 1992 The Genie rub a. aladdin wish rules

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Is it actually legit or is it bogus? The mods may remove your submission if you break this rule. Either way, she dies, tragically. This is a city that contains hundreds, if not thousands of impoverished people. So, he's done it, and seen the results, but expressly stating that he can't do it now. I think this question violates the Terms of Service.

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